A fun packed weekend

This weekend we went to Cork summer Show. The weather was amazing on Saturday. At the summer show there was lots to do. They had live music, food, shops and animals. Malcolm loved the animals especially the dogs :). The was 10 week old beagles they were adorable would love to had taken one home with us. Malcolm went on his first little ride at the fun fair its was adorable. He went on with my sister and when is started moving he got a fright but loved it at the same time. totally ignore us when trying to take pictures. He also got to pet some rabbits which he wasn’t too sure about. We had a blast 🙂 we then went and had lasagna at my parents.

On Sunday we had a BBQ for Fathers day and filled the little swimming pool and boats for Malcolm to swim in. He had a blast 🙂 Malcolm got his daddy for fathers day a hoodie with sons of anarchy and a photo frame with a picture in it. Both our sisters came over and spent the night with us. Malcolm loves when people visit. When we visit put him into the water he didn’t like it at all was way too cold. 🙂 After dinner we lay out in the sun relaxing. After Malcolm went to bed we watched Logan.




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