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Malcolm’s Birthday

Finally back to blogging. yay been working on a side project and haven’t really been feeling the motivation to blog. Finally got my funk back. Lets start with a catch up. We had Malcolm’s birthday party on the 20th of may. We went with a bit of a farm animal theme and had a BBQ outside. The weather kind of held off, the kids played outside and had a great time. Malcolm ate for about an hour straight during his birthday. He just sat in his high chair eating at one point he was eating a rib. He spent the day being pushed on his swing and in his cosy coupe. I dressed him in his denim dungarees because I think he looks adorable in them and i wanted something that looked nice and comfortable for him to crawl around in. Even though he spent most the day sitting around getting people to do the hard work for him. He even had his 3 year old cousin pushing him around. Poor Keith and my step dad stayed outside BBQ while it was raining while we ran in and the kids watch tv till it stopped. We had a great day and I will do a Birthday haul next week. Enjoy some pics from the party.

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