Meeting Buddy

Buddy is our Jack Russell, we think he is about 7 years old. We aren’t too sure because he is a rescue dog. I rescued him in June 2013. I saw walking home with my mom when i saw these people shouting and throwing things at this little Jack Russell. I bent down and called him over and he came straight away. We checked for a collar but he didn’t have anything on him. He was quiet skinny and his neck can scars and marks on it, like he had been tired up for awhile. We took him home with us and gave him food and water.

We tried finding his original owners but no one knew him. Our theory is that the circuis in town that week didn’t want him anymore and just dumped him. He was petrified of feet and doors. He would get sick whenever he went in the car and start shaking. He was very angry when someone went near him except me. He always wanted to be next to me and followed me where ever I went. Whenever i sat down at the table to do my home work he had to be on my lap.  We got him neutred and a lot of him angry went away. He was like a totally different dog. He started putting on weight and his neck healed in a year.  If you met him on the streets you wouldn’t think he was a rescue dog.  He was my first dog that was mine. He knows sit but wont do any other tricks or commands for us.

After 4 years of having him you wouldn’t know he was a rescue dog or that he hasn’t been with us since he was a happy. He is loyal and so patient with Malcolm. But he really is a lazy dog, you will always find him in the sun sleeping.




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