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Malcolm’s 11 Month update!!!!!


Can’t believe another month has passed by in a blink of an eye, Malcolm is growing more each day in height and personality.

He has 5 teeth now, his two bottom ones are fully out, his top two incisors and one upper canine. I think he is getting his other canine soon because he has had a bright red ear and cheek the last few days. He is putting everything in sight in his mouth and he is drooling everywhere. Took him to the doctors last week because he had a bad cough found out he has a throat infection. He is on antibiotic for a week, he is much better now not coughing at all. I was worried because he wasn’t eating much for two days which isn’t like him at all, but all seems well now.


Malcolm has been sleeping so well lately especially at night. We had a few weeks of having 30 minute naps which wasn’t going down well in the evenings.  He is now having an 5oz bottle in the morning with his breakfast, then 7oz when he goes for a nap and 8oz going to bed at 8pm.  He will sleep from about 8pm to about half 7/8am. Then he will have a nap during the day for an hour or two.

The newest kill Malcolm had acquired is putting his hands up in the air and if you say tat tat he will give you what is in his hand most of the time. He loves to clap and shake his head no and has this huge smile on his face when we say no. He hasn’t learnt to point yet but he is babbling away non-stop. Especially in the car when he hasn’t got his dodo, he will babble using different tones and pitches. I love when he does this because you can talk to him and he replies babbling back. It’s just too cute.  I am glad that he understands no now because he is starting pinch everyone and slap people when he gets over excited, but as soon as you say no he stops with a sad face on him and he looks away trying not to cry. It breaks me heart.


He still unable to walk on his own. He can stand and couch surf but as soon as you try to get him to walk holding your one hand he sits down straight away. He has mastered getting down when he is standing and doesn’t fall over anymore which is good. I think he can say all gone and heya but I am not 100% sure because sometimes it sounds like he is saying Oscar his cousin’s name.

I have started dressing him in 12 to 18 month clothes and sometimes 18 to 24 months. It depends on the shop, because we have a few that are 9 to 12 months that still fit him. I have put all his 6 to 9 month clothes away in the attic and most of his 9 to 12 months. I am on the hunt for new slippers for him as he has outgrown his old ones.


This past two week he has developed massively with having my sister and Keith’s sister down for a few days, and spending a few days in Galway with his cousins .He has become more independent and grown out of his stranger anxiety stage. Now he will smile to anyone that says hello. He has also learnt how to push toy cars around by watch his cousins. 

His favourite games right now are taking his dummy out of his mouth and putting it in mine and taking it out again. He also loves to grab my cheeks and pull my head to give me kisses and pull my glasses off and try and put them on him. My sister got him a mini ball last week and it is his favourite toy ever, he loves to roll the ball around the living room. Hours of fun!!!!

I have started planning Malcolm’s Birthday party this week. It amazes me that Malcolm will be one year old in less than a month. I can’t believe time has gone by so fast. 

Family walk on Saturday minus Buddy.18110399_10206754814829486_1377630582_n

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